Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to the Spindlicity Cruise to Alaska Blog

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Cruise to Alaska Blog! This is a spot where you can ask questions about the cruise, meet each other, post about your knitting or spinning and find out information about the cruise. If you are already signed up for the cruise, please email me at editor AT spindlicity DOT com to be added to our blog authors. If you are not signed up yet, but are interested in the cruise, you are free to read the blog, but not post.

So welcome, welcome everyone! We can't wait to go cruising with you!


Fun Knits said...

Wow I wish I could come. The ship will go right past my house and yarn shop on Quadra Island. You could stop in Campbell River at the new cruise ship dock and pick me up. I will wave as you go by.

Sally Murphy said...

Am going on the Spindlicity Cruise to Alaska. However I made my arrangements thru Princess as I couldn't get a hold of Mandy. Question, can I still take the knitting classes and do I pay in advance or may I pay when I get on the ship??? I' ve tried to get a hold of the Promotion outfit, no one answers the phone and I'm tired of paying long distance calls for a message.
Sally Murphy

Pamela Jacob said...

Intresting article..great..thanks.
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Kathy said...

I actually faxed the reservation form back to Mandy and then never heard another word. I could never reach her or anyone else at the Promotion outfit again. I later read on another website that the cruise was probably going to be canceled but was never contacted by anyone. This whole thing was handled VERY unprofessionally and I will never again try to do anything sponsored by Spindlicity. Very disappointing.

chrissieday said...

hi UK knitting designer and author here ,would love to tutor on your next cruise ,contact me thru Ravelry
Chrissie Day

Anonymous said...

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